How To Make Sure Your Goals Will Have A High Impact

They can be truly disciplined in setting goals every year. Maybe every quarter.

But not all goals are the same.

Goal setting may be lost if they do not meet the valuable criteria that will lead to the success of the implementation.

That is why I developed a tool called "Objectives IMPACTOR". That way, you can spend every minute spent setting goals in the right order and pave the way for it.

IMPACTOR is an abbreviation that defines key steps for defining important goals for your business.

The goals of IMPACTOR begin with exposure, which I define where your unique business meets the world, making it the best place for all of us. Your intention to act must be clear before you begin. What difference do you want to make?

Make sure your goals are measurable. It is tempting to be vague. Do not give up. What you measure is more likely.

Goals must be specific. Instead of saying that I want more customers, make your task another 10 customers. Or two joint venture partners, not just more.

If you fall into a planning fever, high goals can take up more space than healthy ones. Yes, goals must be complex, but make them achievable so that you do not fear paralysis.

Can you describe your goal for your team members to those who implement it? Understand what your goal is so you can formulate it.

Determine the time. Give each goal a timetable. You can skip this and everything is fine. Be prepared to adapt, but not so much that the time scale does not have teeth.

Now that you know these criteria, we'll do some alchemy here. At this stage, the IMPACTOR target models become targets. This means that they were tested against the IMPACT criteria and proved to be worthy.

Finally, create your to-do list. Add some important results to each goal to figure out how to achieve the goal. Your business is a gift for yourself and for others. You must do it!

Provide a high return on investment to achieve your goal with the IMPACTOR goal model. They ensure that your goals lead you where you want to go with great effect.

Ursula Jorch is a consultant, business coach and consultant who helps entrepreneurs develop a successful business that changes the world. As a 21-year-old successful entrepreneur, Ursula helps you determine the difference you want in the world, and develops strategy and marketing so that you get more and more influence.

Find Ursula in her interview, Working Alchemy: Impact Interview, with influential entrepreneurs and executives such as Seth Godin and Marianne Williamson, and free resources at for you and your business.

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