Fruit benefits for health

Benefits of fruits for perfect body health

Fruit benefits for health

There are so many benefits of fruits as a tool to maintain a healthy body every day, as we humans are very often in daily activities that a lot of squeezing so that it reduces the body's ion ions, that's when our body really needs nutrients to maintain health, of course we need natural nutrients from fruits, there are many ways we consume fruits, some cut them directly to eat, and some process them into juice.
but it should be eaten directly rather than processed first into juice, because the process of making juice is also a lot of extract of wasted fruits. Of course those of you who want to try fruits that are rich in nutrients and vitamins are confused. many nutrients and vitamins for body health?
here we will explain 7 types of fruits that are very beneficial for our body everyday, including:

1. Papaya fruit
Papaya is very important for our body, because papaya contains lycopene, according to health science Lycopene is a very effective nutrient to prevent the spread of cancer cells, besides papaya also contains a lot of vitamin C, Potassium and Folic Acid so that it nourishes our body.

2. Fruit watermelon
Watermelon is very important for us to consume, because watermelon contains a lot of minerals up to 90%, besides watermelon also contains glutathione as an antidote to free radicals, and can also fight toxins in the body, and can also increase immune power. Because watermelon is also the main source the producer of lycopene, is useful as an antioxidant that fights cancer.

3. Orange Fruit
Citrus fruits are very important for us to consume, because if we consume oranges every day, we are protected from flu viruses. Root can also normalize blood fat (cholesterol) and is very beneficial for the kidneys, because oranges can dissolve kidney stones, other benefits of oranges are reducing risk of colon cancer.

4. Fruit Apple
Eating apples every day is very important, because the content in apples contains antioxidants and flavonoids, to increase the benefits of Vitamin C, so that it avoids intestinal diseases, heart attacks, cancer and stroke.

5. Fruit Guava
Guava is very beneficial for our health, because guava can facilitate blood circulation and maintain fluid balance in the body and can reduce high blood pressure, or prevent cancer.

6. Strawberry fruit
This Stawbeeri fruit is very beneficial for our body everyday, because strawberries are very high in antioxidants, although it feels rather sour, but can protect the body from cancer and blockage of blood vessels due to free radicals.

7. Kiwi fruit
Although the shape is small, the benefits of the kiwi are so great. Kiwis are a source of potassium - minerals that help lower blood pressure and benefit the autonomic nervous system that controls heart rate, contains lots of vitamin E, magnesium and fiber. Interestingly, the content of vitamin C in kiwi is twice as large as orange.